Sometimes when I look through the entire stream of my tumblr posts I get irked by the fact that there are recurring image “types”. TV screens, sparkly things, pictures of roses… every couple rows, variations of the same tune. Is it bad that my tastes aren’t more varied? In the end, it all becomes a bit predictable, doesn’t it? At what point do they become trite and overused, at what point am I feeding into a trend? Conversely, it could also be said I keep riffing on the same themes because these are the things that haunt me. “Who am I? If this once I were to rely on a proverb, then perhaps everything would amount to knowing whom I ‘haunt.’” The same can be said of the inverse. Isn’t this the name of the tumblr game???? Aesthetics are weird. Why am I waxing “philosophical” about tumblr? Sorry guys.

  1. derurknall said: that’s what art is all about: recycling, reconstructing, re-imagining the same ideas and images through time & space…
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